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Please welcome SteveUnorp, our newest member.
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FFTogether - Because you're not alone

FFTogether is a fan site dedicated to Final Fantasy. We are a growing site with one of the friendliest community on the web and are always glad to welcome new members.
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Our comunity is over 2 year old and belongs to one of the friendliest on the net
Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy Dissidia. The ultimate chance to prove which hero is the strongest.
Final Fantasy XIII
Got stuck in FFXIII, or simply want to know more.

We of FFTogether don't believe in rivality among the Final Fantasy Fan sites. That's why we are always proud to affiliate with other fan sites. To us an affiliate means more than a simple link, its a partnership between two sites.

If your willing to become an affiliate of FFTogether its advised to read our guidelines first. Those guidelines aren't really hard to follow, but they will place a certain minimum on which we base the decision. If you think your site follows most of the guidelines you can contact me on "", please state "Affiliation FFTogether" as the subject of your mail and give a short note why you want to affiliate.

We hold the right to stop any affiliation if we see that any of our affiliations has changed there content in a way it doesn't meet the requirements anymore.

- We'll place our affiliates in our menu bar located on the left, which is visible on all pages of our site. Once your accepted as an affiliate we'll expect an equal threatment from you.

- Its strongly recommend that your website is "partly" Final Fantasy related. We are however willing to affiliate if your website is generally RPG related.

- The content on your site must be written in English, sorry but we won't accept any other languages,

- The content on your site must be suitable for all ages.

- The layout must have a clean look and easy to navigate through.

- We won't accept sites that are merely a bookmark page, blog, ect...

- We won't accept sites that are merely a forum only. Thoug we are willing to make exceptions if you offer good content through your forum.

- Its a big plus if your site offers content that we don't have. We wish to give our visitors what they want and if we don't have it the least we can do is directing them to a site that can give it to them.

- Its a big plus if you keep your site up to date with content of the newer games.

- The amount of visitors doesn't mather to become an affiliate for us. Its the content that were interesting in. We know its hard enough to get visitors as a starting site and having the ability to affiliate with other sites is a plus in getting them.

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